General Information

Welcome to the University of Georgia Redcoat Band Auxiliaries program! The 2013-2014 Auxiliary unit consists of 17 Georgettes, 11 Majorettes, 3 Feature Twirler3, and 26 Flag Line members. The 57 young women who make up this outstanding program are dedicated to continuing a tradition of excellence that has always defined the UGA Auxiliaries.

Although the Redcoat Marching Band was established in 1905, the band as we know it today was formed in the 1950’s with the arrival of Roger and Phyllis Dancz. Mrs. Phyllis Dancz, who became the first Director of Auxiliaries, is credited with establishing a long-lasting tradition of excellence in the UGA Auxiliaries. After mentoring twirlers in her early years at the university, Mrs. Dancz formed the Georgettes in 1956. This dance line performed with the band during pre-game and halftime, much like it does today. The Flag Line was formed in 1974 to add more color and motion to the halftime show and pre-game. Today the Feature Twirlers, Majorettes, Georgettes, and Flagline comprise the UGA Auxiliaries.

Being a member of the UGA Auxiliaries is very challenging, but extremely rewarding. The practice schedule is demanding and includes workouts and sectional practice times in addition to full band rehearsal. However, each auxiliary unit is directed by their own talented instructor: Cassie Moates (Flag Line), Ashley Clark (Majorettes/Feature Twirlers/Georgettes) and Tashua Sands (Majorettes/Georgettes) coach each auxiliary unit by providing them with innovative, yet classy routines.

The UGA Auxiliaries perform at many different venues including pep rallies, community events, and of course, football games. Each auxiliary unit performs during pre-game and halftime with the band at each home football game in front of 92,746 Bulldog fans in Sanford Stadium. In addition the auxiliaries travel to most away games with the full band, including the annual Georgia vs. Florida game held in Jacksonville, FL and bowl games.
On and off the field, the young women who make up the UGA Auxiliaries are representatives of true Bulldog Pride! There is a tremendous emphasis on team bonding and unity among the auxiliary units, and we encourage all who are interested in joining the Redcoat family to become a part of the UGA Auxiliaries!

For more information please write or call 706-542-1505.